Hi! I'm Alba and I'm 13 years old. I live in Otura, in Granada. I play the piano, and I would like to play the guitar. I like singing and playing computer games. I love music and reading. I like animals, and my favourite ones are penguins and dogs.
See you.


Last year, my family and I travelled to Norway, and we went by airplane. The weather was not very good: it was cloudy and very cold. We could see the snow on the mountains near Oslo, the city where we stayed in. The hotel in Oslo was wonderful: it had lot of rooms in each corridor, many floors and a very nice restaurant. The food was really good.

We left Spain at 8.30 am and we arrived at 12.00 am. We visited some places in Norway, such as Stavanger, Bergen and Molde, which are some cities on the coast. We also visited Gamlebyen. Gamlebyen is an old city from the 17th Century. We went to the Urnes Stave Church, which is a famous building made of wood, and to the Norwegian Wood, a music festival in Oslo.

When we were in Norway, we moved by train around all the country. There were a lot of foreigners visiting many places there, like we were doing.

I liked all of those places very much, and I really had fun there.