Hello! My name is Beñat. My favourite sport is football. I like dogs but haven't got any pet. I'm 12 years old. Write me, please. I like talking with other people. Goodbye!


I went to Groenladia last month. At the airport I bought a souvenir that is a very big glace. The first day I went to one town and I saw the people working in this place and it was very cold. In Groenlandia there are 27.500 inhabitants.

It has 2.522.000 km2. It this island the level of the sea is getting higher. In this place all the days are very cold because it is very near the North Pole. The day that I went to the airport I coudn't come to Spain because the plaine was frozen and I waited for two days until the ice of the plane was melted to come to Spain. I will never forget this esperience in one place like Groenlandia.