Students talking to the teacher

Excuse me. I'm sorry I'm late.
May I come in?
Can I go to the toilet (GB)/ bathroom, restroom (US), please?
I'm sorry, I left my book/homework at home/ in the classroom
I forgot my homework.
I didn't have time to do my homework. I'm sorry.
Sorry, I don't understand that.
Could you speak more slowly, please?
Can you repeat that please? I didn't understand.
Can you explain that again, please?
How do you say 'tenedor' in English?
How do you spell 'wonderful'?
What's the difference between "latitude" and "longitude"?
What does "pressure" mean?
What’s the meaning of "pressure"?
How do you pronounce "pressure"?

Student talking to another student

Have you done your homework? Did you do your homework?
What’s the/for homework? What page is it on? What page are we on? Can you help me do this exercise? What do we have to do now? Can I share your book with you? Excuse me, that's my book. Can you lend me a pen? Can you pass me the rubber (GB)/eraser (US), please? We have to work in pairs, Don’t we? Do we have to work in pairs? Who's going to start? Whose turn is it? It's my turn now. We have to compare our work.