Hello! My name is Cristian, but my friends call me Niti. I live in Otura (Granada, Spain). I love dogs, my favourite breed is the canary dog. I like singing, playing football and playing tennis. I'm looking for a penpal around 15 or 16 years old. My email, is crineitorvirgenlapaz@gmail.com

Hello everybody¡ I'm Cristian :D

Last year I was in Santos with all my family, I went to Santos (Brazil) by plane to Chipre and next, to Brazil by boat, and to Santos in a limousine. Santos (the same in all the cities) has two parts, the poor part and the rich part. We stayed at the rich part because the guide said that in the poor part there were more thieves. We arrive in at 05:00 am on Thursday to Chipre, and to Brazil at 07:00 am, and to Santos by limousime at 07:50 am, when we arrived in Santos we stayed at the hotel room, the hotel room was very very very beautiful, there were two beds in every room, one bed, one TV,, one refrigerator,one window... In the afternoon we were visiting the football stadium of Santos (Estadio Urbano Caldera) with a capacity of 20.000 people, we were lucky because when we went to the stadium the Santos F.C was training, and in this year Neymar Junior(one of the best player of the world) was in the Santos F.C, and the security of the stadium
let me in for me to get an autograph from Neymar. Finally on 27/8/2013 we went to Granada, but the difference now was that the transport was only the plane because we spent more money. This was my favourite holiday, it was lot of fun :D
My favourite group of music called ''la pandila voladora'', this group is from spain, Xerez, Cadiz, I think that this group are the best of the world in his unit of music, the flamenco-pop, this group isn't very famous, but for me is the best group of the world, this group has a lot of song ''felicidad, todo me da igual, carreta sideral, etc'' my favourite song is ''felicidad'' and for me is the best group of the world.