My name is Esteban. I'm 13 years old.I live in Granada (Spain).I like playing football with my friends and playing computer games. I don't like snakes.I love pizza and my dog Quito.


My favourite musician

I think that Cali & el Dandee are the best musicians. Because i like his songs so much. Their are colombian brothers. Their true names are Mauricio(cali) and alejandro(dandee). My favorite song is "no hay dos sin tres" they sang with David Bisbal when Spain won the world cup. They have a lot of songs for example:"Gol","move your body", "por siempre", etc. Their best songs was "Yo te esperare" it was the first song on itune Spain and it has more than 100 million views on youtube.I think that they are the best musicians.

This is my favorite song.


Hi everyone!!!!!
My family and I were in chile last week. I went with my mum and my sister. My mum called Elena, my dad Joaquin and my sister Ainhoa. My dog called Quito stay in Otura with my cousins. We travelled by plane, we got on the plane at ten o'clock and we arrived at twelve o'clock.We went to the hotel by a rented car. The hotel was nice and the room was excellent. We visited the Plaza Sotomayor near the port Valparaiso. I didn't like the food in the plane. And we visited the Palace Sara Braun. The weather was warm and the sun was shining. When my family and I were walking I was hungry and we ate "Chorillana" it tasted good. And we finally arrived in hotel at 8 o'clock. The next day we went to the por Valparaiso to see the ships. We saw a lot of seagulls. They was flying. We saw the Tv the programs was reaylly good we saw a comedy! Them we saw a horror film. I played videogames. I played football with some childrens that I see there. I went to home at 8PM. Them i sleep in a hotel of 4 stars. I play two hours. I was the best! The hotal had swimmingpool, I was swimming very much. Them I ate humites that tasted very good. And I drink Coca-cola. I saw the national park of "Torres Del Paine" It was very beautiful. Them I saw the Moais of the Easter island. The next day We took a plane to went to Spain. I arrive in the airport at 7 o'clock pm.