What will life be in 30 years, in 2044?

In teams:

Can you predict some of the events in your life? Can you predict some changes in technology and life in general?

1. Write ideas about some changes in technology and in life in general that you think will happen by then and how they will affect your life and the life of your family.

2. Write some predictions about your personal life.

3. Use the example in the book to help you with the structures and the dictionary to help you with the vocabulary.

4. Write together a composition on your page in this wiki.

5. Don't forget to use the future for predictions "will" and conjunctions such as "but, because, then, and, or".

Team 1 Pablo Rodriguez and Esteban Amador

Team 2 Mari Nieves and María.

Team 3 José Pérez Sevilla and Gabriel Guerrero Expósito:

Team 4 Jose Pedrosa and Iván Gómez.

Team 5 Beñat and Jose Luis.

Team 6 Dani Jiménez, Pablo Ruiz, and Alejandro Castillo

Team 7 Dani Urbano and Ruben.

Team 8 Cristina y José

Team 9 Irene and María Sousa.

Team 10 Silvia Moreno Urbano and Beatriz Garzón Blanco
Team 11
Team 12
Team 13