Hi! My name is Alex. I'm from Spain. I'm in eigth grade. I like playing football with friends, and playing videogames.
My favourite animal is the dog. I've got one dog called Perrete. It's very funny. My favourite subject is Social Science.
I like playing videogames too. This is my e-mail: alexcaji098@hotmail.com.

Hi! I'm Alejandro and I'm going to talk about my holiday on Greece.
We wake up at 7.00 AM it was very late! And we went to airport at 11.00AM.
The airplane was very unconfortable but the food it was very bad.We went to Greece My mum Ana My father Manuel and my sister Raquel. We was in a 5 stars hotel with swimmingpool´,spa, free buffet and many activities like waterpolo basketball football tennis and many other tings. The next day we went to the beach there was very hot and there is many people too! but the water was very blue and clear. Later a man talking in greek selled us a very powerfull laser.
Those day we ate musaca with chips and we drunk "cocacola". Next to ate we went to visit the Partenon in Athens there was very big. Next to walk on the streets of Greece we went to the hotel there was a show with clow
ns and parrots there was vey funny!.A curiosity Greece has 11million of inhabitants!. The next day we take breakfast i eat pancakes with chocolate siroup there was very good. Next to take brakefast we swam in the swimmingpool the water there was very cold! And i played waterpolo in the pool with my father my mum and with my sister there was very fun.
Next to ate a burger with a chips we go to visit Acropolis in Athens The Zeus Temple in Athens the theatre of Epìdauros we visit many monuments because there was +
our last day!
At 5.00 PM we went to the airport and at 10PM we went to Spain and i dindnt any picture because i fortget my camera!