My name is Daniel. I'm from Granada. I'm 12 years old. My favourite sport is football. I like videogames. My favourite
animal is the dog,so I have a dog called Blacky. My email is danielji55@gmail.com



I went to the Maldives last year, I went by plane, its a place made up of 1200 islands. I was there for one week. I arrived there on Monday at 8 o' clock in the morning. One day I was swimming with rays and other fish. The food I liked so much was a strange fish whit chips and for dessert I ate a chocolate ice-cream. Every morning I was swimming in the
beach because the sea was very clean and hot and there were many fish of different colours.The thing I didn't like was the day I have to come back to Spain because I was having a great time. To return to Spain I came by plane. These islands are found in the ocean and the islands have a trpical climate so I wasn't cold in my visit to Maldives.