Hi! My name is Daniel and I am 13 years old. I like motorbikes and cars, I also like birds and dogs. Write me soon.


I'm going to tell you about my holidays in Pekin. We got on the airplane in Madrid at 2 A.M. and we arrived there at 10 P.M. but first, the trip to Madrid was very hard because there was a lot of traffic. When we arrived there we took a bus to the hotel because we were very tired. Next day, we visited all monuments in Pekin, except a few of them because Pekin is very big, then we were playing football in the Olympic stadium. It was very good! At night we went to a restaurant to have dinner. We ate a salad and then a very good meat. Next day, we got on the airplane to Madrid and then we took our car and we got home at 2 A.M. Next day, we did a collection of all our photos.
It was great! GOOD BYE!