Our friday's trip.

Hello, we are going to talk about the Friday's trip.

Last friday we wen't to the sierra of Huetor. We leaved of Otura at halph past eight after that, we arrived at nine o'clock aproximately. Secondly, Some dutchs and Ellie wen't with us. The trip lasted 12km but it was funny. The dutchs were very fun and they are very nice. When we ate, we talked with them. We were singing and walking with them and they teached us some sings in Dutch. After that, Ellie helped us to talk with the dutchs, it was very interesting and we taked some photos. We don't remember the dutch's names because it was very stranged. We saw some landscape very diferents. When we were talking, a child falled but fortunately he don't hurt.

We had fun and we wan't to repeat the trip with them and it was very interesting because we meeted people of a diferent country.

Bye (: