Hello¡ we are Jose Pedrosa and Maria Jose and we are talking about our excursion.
Last Friday we went to the "Cañada del sereno".
First we were going at 8:30 to the gym. After that we were to the bus with 2C.
When we arrived we started walk with Dustch they were very friendly.In the way
the dustch started sang and we started sang with them.In the way we encouter and other fall
At 11:30 we were having breakfast near a small river . The Dutsch sited near the river
At 12:00 we started walk to the river "Darro"
Them , the teacher Joaquin put a positive a Jose because he catch a bottel.
Them the teacher Juan learn a song in Dutsh After that we were eating at 1:00 near
a river.
Finish we started walk to the bus and in the way we take photos with the dutsh
we were ariving in Otura at 2:30